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 What is a post processor?  It’s a separate program that converts the picture, on the Shopcam screen, into the codes your machine recognizes.  It could be called a translator or convertor, but postprocessor is the industry standard.

Their have been hundreds, maybe thousands of ShopCAM post processors have been written to customer specifications.  Below are some buttons, linking to PDFs of some standard posts.  This is a small sample of the posts we have available.

If you don’t find an exact match, we can fine tune the output to your requirements.

Mill Posts Lathe Posts WEDM & 2-axis

  In the course of using your post processor, you may find it necessary to request post revisions. Unless there is a problem that makes the post unusable, try to use it for a couple weeks. Keep track of the changes needed and try to use the Shopcam operations that need support. To avoid any guesswork or assumptions, it is important that you provide the following files.

[ ] filename.PRT; A Shopcam part file with a couple different operations.

This Shopcam program should be typical of the work you do. It is important to include this file since the post may or may not, be doing something, because of the part program. When revising the post, we may be able to suggest easier or quicker ways of programming, based on this part..

[ ] filename.TAP; The tapefile as posted from the part program.

Do not make any changes to this file. With this file, we can verify that the post you are using is the latest rev and the changes are made to the same post.

[ ] filename.NEW; The tapefile after making the required edits.

If possible, try to actually run the part on the machine, after editing it. If the edited part does not run properly, edit the file on the computer and download again.

DOs and DON'Ts

1) Do not go back and edit the filename.PRT once you have started editing the tapefile (G-codes).

2) Do not simple markup a printout of a unedited posted filename.tap.

3) Do not edit in canned ruffing cycles, unless the post was written for canned cycles.

4) Do not edit in Subroutines or macros, unless the post was written for subroutines.

email to: Dan@shopcam.com Allow one to five days for revisions.